A Dynamic Six-Member Band
whose only desire is to get you on the dance floor.

Maybe it’s slow dancing, or stirring rockin’ 50’s & 60’s, or shakin’ it down to memorable 70’s & 80’s or perhaps topping it off with sizzling Rock ’n Roll from somewhere in between, Flashback will serve you the best recipe for a great time.

The Flashback Band has been together since the early 1990’s, and each member brings decades of experience to recreate oldies dance music for countless locations in the Tampa Bay area.

Gil McKnight, the spirited frontman/singer is finally back and two very accomplished female lead vocalist, Patti Bell and Paulette Pepper have been added.

When applying this mix of singers and musicians, and blending in it’s hallmark harmonies, Flashback gives you the ingredients for the foremost in musical entertainment.

Gil McKnight (lead vocals)
Patti Bell (lead vocals)
Paulette Pepper (lead vocals)
Greg Richardson (lead guitar/lead vocals)
Jeff Burns (keyboard/back-up vocals)
Derek Fair (bass/back-up vocals)

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Booking Information… Greg Richardson - 727-510-2846 ..or .. Jeff Burns - 727-418-9700